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From the Spirit, supporting people through their healing processes is the main priority.

Understanding that each person is different, Valerie has made it part of her journey to learn and incorporate various holistic and natural methods of healing.

Whether you are interested in body work, healing rosaries/gem therapy, herbal consultations, aroma therapy, spiritual cleansings, house blessings or would like to feel more spiritually, emotionally, and physically balanced, Valerie would be honored and humbled to work with you to accomplish your goals.

Valerie Quintana is the sole owner and therapist of From the Spirit.  She was born and raised in Santa Fe, NM, with deep spiritual roots. She has been certified in several Healing Arts since 2008, and has been creating healing jewelry since 2003.

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Karen L Hunt said:   September 8, 2017 2:15 pm PST
Thank you for the beautiful rosary, which I purchased from you at the Santa Fe Spanish Market this summer. It gives me joy and peace every time I pray. Bless you.

Anne Simmons Gomes said:   December 20, 2012 6:16 pm PST
Not only is Val an old friend from college, she is an amazing artist! She made a stunning rosary for a co-worker who was in a tragic car accident. The attention to detail is incredible. I can tell she put her love and positive energy into this rosary and it will provide my deer friend with the healing energy he needs at this time. Thank you Val, from the bottom of my heart. LOVE ALWAYS!

Kristen Keating said:   March 9, 2011 9:20 am PST
Warm greetings to you, Valerie! Just a happy cheer from me in Atlanta for your creations. I've been creating rosaries for fun for years and your creations have inspired me to continue creating them in addition to incorporating spiritually significant healing stones. Thank you! Yeay!

Laura said:   December 12, 2010 9:02 pm PST
I have been gifted two amazing rosaries that Valerie has made. I immediately felt the love, light and compassion in each rosary. Valerie is a true artist and an amazing healer filled with grace, beauty and dignity. Much Blessings and thank you.

Sharon Springer said:   June 14, 2010 1:23 pm PST
Valerie, I received rosary from my friend Connie that you made. I can not tell you how much my husband and I appreciate the love and beauty you put into your work. I wanted you to know we will always treasure it. Thank you Sharon Please thank Connie again for me!

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